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Available for cars, trucks, boats, and planes.


Accessing location information instantly is easy. Anytime, anywhere..

GPS Nashville provides intelligent GPS tracking solutions and installation services.


  • Fleet Management/Telematic equipment and software providers
  • Cell Carriers that offer GPS based business models
  • Law Enforcement/Govt Agencies/Municipalities
  • Skilled Trade Service providers
  • Parents of young drivers
  • Seniors with impaired navigation skills
  • Transportation Companies
  • Individuals complying with court orders.
  • Anyone who needs to know the precise location of their equipment at any time
  • Commercial vehicle HOS compliance utilizing EOBR technology

  • Globalstar Satellite Communication

    From satellite internet and tracking to messaging and phone services, our comprehensive product suite offers reliable satellite communication with covereage all over the planet. We provide support and service for the complete Globalstar product line.

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    Technology Support

    We provide onsite service for all GPS equipment providers and their customers.

  • 100% Satellite tracking independent of cell networks.
  • Driver safety equipment
  • EBOR/Electronic Hours of service reporting (electronic logs)
  • RF Leak mobile receive stations
  • Tracking capabilities in areas with minimal or zero infrastructure.
  • Affordable satellite communication through Globalstar,allowing voice, data, and messaging, through one device.